The reinvention of the Forum has resulted in a world-class entertainment venue that bridges its iconic past with today's state-of-the-art technology and amenities. The reinvention of the Forum has created the largest and most important indoor performance venue in the country designed with a focus on music and entertainment. The Forum reinvention was inspired by the venue's original 1967 design, and includes upgrades to the entire venue site. Among the key features that were resurrected in an effort to replicate the original design principle is the exterior color of the venue, which was repainted to the 1960s "California sunset red,” now officially known as “Forum Red.” The renovation of the 40,000 square foot outdoor terrace surrounding the perimeter of the building offers upgraded food and beverage amenities to elevate the guest experience, including options from some of SoCal’s most celebrated brands.

    As the presenting partner of the Forum, Chase has a significant presence in and around the venue, including as part of the venue's official name: the Forum, presented by Chase.